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"The dreams of the King", by which the spirit is disturbed

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


     In the first six chapters of the book of Daniel, we are shown the most important events that will happen to the people of Israel when the power of darkness comes. These prophecies are easy to see and understand. Each chapter of the book shows a specific event. The order of the chapters of the book shows us the sequence of these events.

The first chapter shows the beginning of the ministry of the sons of Israel to the Babylonian whore.

The second chapter shows the destruction of the Babylonian whore and the salvation of the people of Israel.

In the third chapter, the alived up Image of the beast is shown.

The fourth chapter shows the process of grafting natural branches into one's olive tree.

The fifth chapter shows a seven-day feast and a sign in heaven.

The sixth chapter shows "the time of Iacobs trouble" (Jer.30:7) and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 But it turns out that the chapters of this book are relevant to the present. We will look at the second chapter.


The King will order to destroy of all the Wise men of Babylon


A person who believes (trusts) God understands the prophetic meaning of the Scriptures. This is expressed in his ability to see types in Scripture ("the dreams of the king", by which the spirit is disturbed), and correctly interpret them. For the Lord reveals Himself by His Word (1Sam.3:21). The names of people who misinterpret (pervert) the Word of God are in question in the Book of Life. Such "Christians" are given the condition: "if ...". Scripture on behalf of God, figuratively, in the words of Nebuchadnezzar, says to them:

"...if ye will not make knowen vnto me the dreame, with the interpretation thereof, yee shall be cut in pieces, and your houses shalbe made a dunghill" (Dan.2:5) (KJV1611)

Scripture calls such "Christians" the Magicians, and the Astrologers, and the Sorcerers, and the Caldeans.

These are representatives of absolutely all confessions and denominations in “Christianity”. They cannot tell "the King his dreames" (Dan.2:2).

"But if yee will not make knowen vnto me the dreame, there is but one decree for you: for ye haue prepared lying, and corrupt words to speake before me, till the time be changed:

therefore tell me the dreame, and I shall know that yee can shewe mee the interpretation thereof" (Dan.2:9)

Every person who undertakes to interpret the Word of God without understanding the prophetic meaning of the verses of Scripture speaks a lie, perverting the Word of God. The entire Christian world will be in delusion "till the time be changed" (Dan.2:9). The turning point will occur at the moment of the rapture of Church of the first born. And then all their deceit will be revealed. Scripture on behalf of God prophetically tells them: "I know of certeinty that ye would gaine the time" (Dan.2:8).

The king suddenly, unexpectedly for himself, concluded that all the sages around him were not who they pretended to be. They all stubbornly ignored his demands and wasted their time.

"For this cause the King was angry and very furious, and commanded to destroy all the wise men of Babylon" (Dan.2:12)

All of them, who delayed in the hope of success, were the losers. We are shown a prototype of the present tense. The old world began to crumble before our eyes. Humanity, morally degrading, degenerates. And now, soon a decree will be issued to kill the Wise men of Babylon - every "Christian" will experience the fierce wrath of God. Only "Daniel and his fellowes" will escape destruction. They are the only ones who will be able to stand in the breach of the wall, taking the place of the whole Congregation, in order to turn off "the fierce wrath of our God for this matter" (Ezra.10:14).

"¶ Therefore Daniel went in vnto Arioch whom the king had ordained to destroy the wise men of Babylon: he went and said thus vnto him, Destroy not the wise men of Babylon: bring me in before the king, and I will shew vnto the king the interpretation" (Dan.2:24)

God still continues to say to Christians: Give the correct interpretation of the Word of God - "shewe me the dreame, and the interpretation thereof", and then, at the appointed hour, turn into a multitude of the heavenly Hoste (Luke 2:13,14) -you will become gods, "whose dwelling is not with flesh" (Dan.2:11), "yee shall receiue of me giftes and rewards, and great honour" (Dan.2:6). But "Christians" do not understand the words of the Author of the Scriptures, they are unable to please the Lord.

Note that perverse interpretation of the Scriptures (Dan.2:9) is a crime. And according to the degree of punishment, it is equated to changing His Word. In the 6th chapter of the book of Ezra, we are shown the story of the writing of the King James Bible (see the work "The Bible of the King"), and then, in the words of King Darius, a formidable warning is given to all people for any change of His Word:

"Also I haue made a decree, that whosoeuer shall alter this word, let timber be pulled down from his house, and being set vp, let him bee hanged thereon, and let his house bee made a doung hill for this" (Ezra.6:11)

Do you see similarities in punishments, both for deliberately changing the Word (Ezra.6:11) and for misinterpreting it (Dan.2:5)? And the same formidable warning sounds for any withdrawal of the Word of God from the Book:

"And if any man shall take away from the wordes of the booke of this prophesie, God shal take away his part out of the booke of life, and out of the holy citie, and from the things which are written in this booke" (Rev.22:19)

Ruthless condemnation awaits every person who violates these commands.


"enter into his Sanctuarie"


In verse 17 we are shown the rapture of the Evangelist. He will be the first witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ after 2000 years of His "deepe sleepe" (Gen.2:21). This event will be made known to Church of the first born:

"Then Daniel went to his house, and made the thing knowen to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah his companions:

That they would desire mercies of the God of heauen concerning this secret, that Daniel and his fellowes should not perish with the rest of the Wise men of Babylon" (Dan.2:17,18)

In verse 18, we are shown the Church of the first born, in confession before God, asking for mercy from God, so that she would not perish "with the rest of the Wise men of Babylon." They will ask God to reveal to them the date of the rapture of Church of the first born. It is said: "That they would desire mercies of the God of heauen concerning this secret."

The events of these days are described in chapter 30 of the book of 2 Chronicles, and in chapters 9-10 of the book of Ezra. Scripture in the Name of the Author of the Scriptures tells Christians:

"Now be yee not stiffe-necked as your fathers were, but yeeld your selues vnto the Lord, and enter into his Sanctuarie, which he hath sanctified for euer: and serue the Lord your God, that the fiercenesse of his wrath may turne away from you" (2Chron.30:8)

The firstborns of Christ are separated from the abominations of the Gentiles, and therefore only they will receive news of the imminent rapture and experience great joy. Their great joy will last fourteen days (2Chron.30:23) - Jesus, having descended from the third heaven, will be stunned by the degree of idolatry of Christian society, and the number of foreign wives accepted into cohabitation. Realizing the scale of the crimes of the Christian society, the firstborns and Christ Himself will mourn those who have sinned. The prototype of this event is the arrival of Ezra in the community to the settlers (Ezra.9-10).

Church of the first born will be gathered "against the thirde day" (Ex.19:11), this will be the third day of the month (Sunday), so that to board a ship "on the morrow" (Acts.20:7), and those who could not separate themselves "from the people of the land, and from the strange wiues" (Ezra.10:11) will return home (Acts.21:6). Not surprisingly, after the rapture of Church of the first born, there will be a huge number of people weeping and wailing. It is they who have turned Christian doctrine into fables. But there is still hope "concerning this thing" (Ezra.10:2). They will give their hands that they will "put away their wiues" and, admitting their guilt, will offer "a ramme of the flocke for their trespasse" (Ezra.10:19) -- a type of the Evangelist. After that, they will no longer be able to live as before. Preaching the Word of God, they will be in great affliction and reproach (Neh.1:3)


The Passover "of the second moneth"


The feast of Passover, according to the ceremonial law, was celebrated in the first month. In the second month they feasted Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread by the special command of the Lord (Numb.9:9-11), as an exception. Once, in the second month, "did they eate the Passeouer otherwise then it was written" (2Chron.30:18), not according to the rule, and the Lord forgave everyone.

2 Chronicles 30 gives the reason why the rapture of Church of the first born was temporarily delayed:

"For the king had taken counsell, and his Princes, and all the congregation in Ierusalem, to keepe the Passeouer in the second moneth.

For they could not keepe it at that time, because the Priests had not sanctified themselues sufficiently, neither had the people gathered themselues together to Ierusalem" (2Chron.30:2,3)

In this verse, the phrase: "to keepe the Passeouer in the second moneth" means the rapture of Church of the first born in the second year - 2022.


Harvest time


Harvest time is divided into four special periods of time, they are shown to us in the form of an image - four "kingdoms" will replace each other. It is said: it "shalbe in the latter dayes" (Dan.2:28). This is in detail told in work "A righteous branch", Part 1.

During the harvest time, the Church of the first born will increase the people of God, "(how many soeuer they be) an hundred folde" and the eyes of the King will see this (2Sam.24:3).


Kingdom of God


The completion of the harvest is shown to us in verses 44-45. The next four verses 46-49 form the last paragraph, in which we are shown the events of the beginning of the future 1000 years of the peace. The God of heaven will exalt a man whose name is Branch (see the work "A righteous branch"). Having become the leader and judge of Israel, he will sit "in the gate of the King" in Jerusalem. And in the case of a difficult case in court: "betweene blood and blood, betweene plea and plea, and betweene stroke and stroke" people will come to him to judge them or get advice (Deut.17:8-9).

"Then the King made Daniel a great man, and gaue him many great gifts, & made him ruler ouer the whole prouince of Babylon, and chiefe of the gouernours ouer all the wise men of Babylon.

Then Daniel requested of the King, and he set Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego ouer the affaires of the prouince of Babylon: but Daniel sate in the gate of the King" (Dan.2:48,49)

At the same time, the faithful, chosen and called (the Church of Christ), in the future 1000 years of the peace, will be "ouer the affaires of the prouince of Babylon" - in heavens.


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