Путь Господень

“Signet, and staff, and bracelets”

Chapter 1

Bible believer S.Y. Kharchenko


In this work, significant events of the present time and the near future are considered. The fact is that in 2020 a special period of time has begun. It is the harvest according to the Biblical concept. God begins to gather “wheat” into His garner.

We see that negative news about events in the world began to flow in a continuous stream: nature is raging, peoples are in despondency and bewilderment. The Sars-Cov-2-insanity that swept the whole world showed that the whole society is sick and the disease is progressing -- the media, reporting on new strains of coronavirus, stir up panic and fear, and local authorities threaten people who refuse to be “vaccinated” by creating unbearable conditions for their future life. Against the backdrop of this all-out information terror, the news of natural disasters happening around the world is no longer surprising in the headlines.

These circumstances, traumatizing a person, contribute to his spiritual awakening - he seeks to find the meaning of this suffering. People know that such methods of coercion, which have a worldwide character, are the prerogative of the beast (Rev.13:11-17). They, reasoning, come to the understanding that Bible prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled before their very eyes. And so, the whole society was suddenly divided into sleeping people and awakened people. The difference between the two is growing. This polarization of society is one of the hallmarks of the beginning of the harvest.

Many of the awakened, beginning to realize the essence of the events taking place in the world, are horrified by the feeling of approaching a more terrible time for all mankind - the power of darkness. They just can't come to terms and believe, that everything that happens around is reality. They still hope to wake up one day and forget it as a bad dream. And indeed, feelings and intuition about the terrible times ahead, do not deceive them. The time will come when the kingdom of the beast will devour the whole earth, trample and crush it. Preparations for this time have begun - the mystery of iniquity does already work. From now on, each subsequent “beast” of the new world power will be more insidious and bloodthirsty than the previous one (Dan.7:2-8).

Given the increasing rate of degradation of the world’s population, a new period of time in the history of mankind can be called the Era of Degeneration. The signs of this era and its important events are shown in detail in Scripture. But will society be able to realize its fall?

We will look at the relationship of present events with the events that are shown in chapter 13 of the book of Revelation (verses 11-17).

In the 38th chapter of the book of Genesis, in a short episode from the life of Judas, we are shown the events of the near future. This is one of many types in which Scripture shows us the degree of idolatry in Christian society and the fierce rage of God for worshiping alien gods. We will see the bitter lot of Christians, separated from the Church of the firstborn, and the sacrificial ministry of the Evangelist, like a lamb brought to the slaughter.

We will consider the prophetic meaning of the verses, which is usually hidden from the reader. A person exploring the prophetic meaning of verses can be compared to a person who eats the fruits from the tree of life - he will certainly appreciate the magnificence of taste, admire their aroma and beauty, and experience delight.





The fulfillment of Bible prophecies always causes a spiritual awakening in society. On May 14, 1948, the Christian world saw the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy - on that day, an official announcement was made about the creation of the State of Israel. After two thousand years of scattering, the Israelites, the descendants of those who made a covenant with God in the wilderness of Sinai, began to return “from all nations whither they had bene driuen, to dwell in the land of Iudah” (Jer.43:5) (KJV1611). This caused a general awakening in the Christian world - people were waiting for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. But they misinterpreted the well-known prophecies. There are no open prophecies in Scripture about the emergence of the modern secular State of Israel.

All Biblical prophecies about the restoration of Israel, which are understandable to any person, refer to the new birth of the people of Israel - the birth again. Their second birth will indeed take place on the eve of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. But in the near future, difficult times await Israel, the people will again be captured, and Jerusalem will be destroyed.

Making of the secular State of Israel was a debut - this is the initial stage of the realization of the Biblical prophecy about the new birth of the people of Israel. This prophecy will be fulfilled in 2070.

From this example, we can conclude that Biblical prophecy, openly stated in Scripture, cannot suddenly come true. It is always preceded by a similar event, about which information is usually hidden in the prophetic meaning of the verses. This event is a harbinger, a preliminary signal of future events.

Applying this regularity to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in His glory, one can explain the need for His secret coming, about which there is no open prophecy in Scripture. The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is one of the main themes of Scripture, understandable to every person.

Applying this pattern to the events of Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, one can understand the essence of the ongoing events - the total “vaccination” carried out against the backdrop of large-scale information terror is the most important sign of the imminent fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy about the kingdom of the beast and its war “with the Saints” (Rev.13:7).

Thanks to recent events, this prophecy has become closer to reality for many people.

We see that now every person is faced with a choice - to bow to the golden calf and enjoy all the benefits of civilization, or to refuse, defending their convictions. All people, regardless of their health, age and wealth, are invited to make a painful injection with delayed immune effects, receive a QR code and, if desired, put it on their arm in the form of a tattoo.

The people who awaited the rapture of the Church of the first born were not were not spared of these events. They also faced a choice. For them, the total “vaccination” was a test of loyalty to the Lord. A person who believes the Word of God will never bow to the golden calf, giving consent to the “vaccination” against COVID-19. He will never agree to giving him a QR code and applying it to the body. He will never give up his human rights by becoming an animal being experimented on.

For people who refuse such “state care”, unbearable conditions will be created for later life. In fact, war will be declared on them - without a digital ID, they will not be able to “buy or sell” (Rev.13:17).

So, we see that the tactics of conducting a universal “vaccination” is similar to the tactics that the beast will use in the future. This is the most important sign of the beginning of the harvest.

Soon the first ripe ears of wheat will be carefully collected from all over the field. Of these, “a sheafe of the first fruits” will be made up and lifted up before the Lord (Lev.23:10-12). For the “Christian” world, this event will be another confirmation of the beginning of the harvest. All ripening ears will subsequently be cut with a knife.



The mark of the beast



The last 2069 year of the harvest will be filled with many important events. In that year, the Whore of Babylon will be destroyed, and her “miraculously” surviving high priest, seeing people hostile to him, will be so frightened that his heart will tremble (1Sam.28:5). In this situation, he will need advice, but none of his entourage can help him. In 1 Samuel chapter 28, Scripture shows us some of the details of that time. In the type of Saul, we are shown a contemptible, worthless person. He will become the organizer of the conspiracy of the kings against the Whore of Babylon. He will want all the fullness of power over the world to be only in his hands. Scripture shows him to us in the form of a beast that came out of the sea (Rev.13:1). He is “that man of sinne”, “the sonne of perdition” (2Thess.2:3). In the type of wizards and those that had familiar spirits, who were put away out of the land (1Sam.28:3), we are shown the Whore of Babylon. In the type of an old man covered with a mantle (1Sam.28:14), we are shown another beast. Scripture calls him the false prophet (Rev.16:13). He will come out of the earth to help the first beast. The words of Saul: “I am sore distressed” reflect the state of mind of the son of perdition. Asking for help to the old man who came out of the earth, he says: “I haue called thee, that thou mayst make knowen vnto me, what I shall doe” (1Sam.28:15).

The false prophet will be called from the dead. This man is long dead. It is said: “An old man” (1Sam.28:14). He, who came out of the underworld, asks the son of perdition: “Why hast thou disquieted me...?” (1Sam.28:15).

Having deceived the people with great miracles, the false prophet will command them to make an image of the beast “in the Kings dale” (2Sam.18:18). In the book of Daniel, this image is shown to us in the form of a great image (Dan.2:31), and an image of gold (Dan.3:1). Through many types, Scripture shows us the son of perdition and the monument he erected.

Absalom erected a pillar during his lifetime and named it after himself (2Sam.18:18). Saul erected a monument to himself during his lifetime (1Sam.15:12). The LORD made a such mark upon Cain that it is known throughout the world from ancient times to this day. [1]

One can imagine how, in a vast field, workers are completing the installation of an idol made of gold. Its height will be 60 meters. The son of perdition will call him by his name. And then something unimaginable will happen - unexpectedly for everyone, this image will come to life. In the book of Revelation, the revived statue is called the image of the beast (Rev.13:14-15).

The “old man” who came out of the earth will give “life vnto the Image of the beast, that the Image of the beast should both speake, and cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the beast, should be killed.

And he causeth all, both smal and great rich and poore, free and bond, to receiue a marke in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, saue he that had the marke, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Rev.13:15-17)

By the way, the golden calf (Exodus 32) is also a prototype of the revived Image of an idol. Therefore, the figurative expression: “to bow to the golden calf” means to bow to the beast.

As we can see, the circumstances of the events in our day are very different from the events that will arise in 49 prophetic years, on the eve of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The similarity is in the methods of achieving the goal - people who strive for world domination act according to the same methodology.

Because “there is no new thing vnder the sunne.

Is there any thing, whereof it may be sayd, See, this is new? it hath beene already of olde time, which was before vs” (Eccl.1:9,10)

At present, a small handful of people seek to gain absolute power over the entire world. To enslave the world, they have developed a technology whose methods will be relevant and in demand even in half a century. These developments (“vaccination”, QR code) will be used by the false prophet to change the DNA of all people in the world, control and subjugate them to the meanest person in the history of mankind.

A feast will be organized for the rulers of the regions, military leaders and all officials serving the son of perdition - they, having set an example, will be the first to devote their lives to serving the beast and his Image, having received a sign on the right hand or on the forehead. The announcement of the obligatory acceptance of the mark will be made to all peoples, nations and languages (Dan.3:4) (Rev.13:16). All media will be involved for this. All broadcasts on radio, television and all videos on the Internet will explain the importance of this event. This call will sound everywhere from every source of information. Even the emergency warning system will be activated. Moving around the city during the day, a person will constantly hear messages about the danger of being left without a vaccine and stigma. People will be motivated by vacation days, material incentives and prizes. Bright images on billboards along all roads will also be an effective means of conveying information: “We made vaccination free and safe for you”, “Vaccination is a guarantee of health and long life.”

The result of total information terror will not be long in coming - for the first time in history, the authorities will be able to carry out a universal, voluntary-compulsory stigmatization of the entire population of the earth. Scripture prophetically says:

“...all the people, the nations, and the languages fell downe and worshipped the golden image, that Nebuchad-nezzar the King had set vp” (Dan.3:7)

People who have exercised their right to refuse will be killed (Rev.13:15). They will make a choice, having overcome the fear of death. Only a small remnant of one people will be able to hide in the mountains.

So, every verse of Scripture has a hidden prophetic meaning. Even if it explicitly refers to events in the future, its hidden prophetic meaning may refer to the present. We have found that the “vaccination” against COVID19 is prototype of the mark of the beast. And people who have become slaves to material goods are a prototype of people who worship the beast.

Will the mark of the beast (Rev.13:16) given to a person by force be valid? Absolutely not! In this event, the choice that the person himself will make will be decisive. Regardless of whether he voluntarily came or was forcibly delivered to the revived idol (the Image of the beast), violence from the authorities will not affect the choice of a person in any way.

Each person has a long-term choice, which is formed during his life. Solving his daily tasks, every day he makes a choice between truth and formality, truth and falsehood, good and evil, law and lawlessness, faithfully or unfaithfully, piety or wickedness. This long-term choice determines the fate of a person in eternity, and before the revived Image, his convictions, his faith will be tested.

The choice made by man has irreversible consequences in eternity. The people who will be killed by the revived Image will take part in “the first resurrection” (Rev.20:4-5). The people who will be killed by the Whore of Babylon for the Word of God will also take part in the first resurrection. All the rest, who worshiped to the beast and received his mark, would choose the side of the devil. Therefore, in eternity they will share his fate with him in the lake of fire (Rev.14:9-11).

The same is the case with “vaccination”. Authority forces a person to make a choice. But what choice it will be depends only on the person himself. An injection made to a person by force does not make any sense. Until a person gives his consent and signs a document, no one will vaccinate him. No one will break into people's homes, kicking down doors to force a “vaccination.” An exception may be one circumstance, if a person decided to cheat and bought himself a vaccination certificate, from that moment on he became involved in this experiment.

In Chechnya, people who bought a fake certificate were forcibly “vaccinated”. [2]



Deception and fraud world-class



“And hee doeth great wonders, so that hee maketh fire come downe from heauen on the earth in the sight of men,

And deceiueth them that dwel on the earth, by the meanes of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast...” (Rev.13:13,14)

All propaganda of the beast will be built on deception. Showing great miracles, he will manipulate the mass consciousness - by deceit he will force people to worship the Image of the beast and accept the sign. It is said: “And deceiueth them that dwel on the earth” (Rev.13:14). Another person will exclaim: “Will God allow this?”

God rewards each person according to his intentions and thoughts of the heart. This means that all people who love unrighteousness get a perverted mind, and therefore they all will believe a false prophet - “God shall send them strong delusion, that they should beleeue a lye” and be condemned (2Thess.2:9-12)

Projecting these events to our time, we understand that all the propaganda of the authorities, convincing the population of the safety and effectiveness of “vaccines”, is an absolute deception. The authorities are hiding from the people the true purpose of the “coronavirus pandemic” project, carefully masking it with medical issues – under the guise of caring for people’s health, they are being deprived of elementary rights and natural freedoms. We live in a world of total lies that have penetrated into all spheres of life. Therefore, in society, many generally accepted ideas are fundamentally wrong:

The official history hides and, if possible, destroys everything that does not correspond to their doctrine.

People who call themselves Christians have been divided into thousands of different denominations and confessions, and all their teachings have turned into empty talk.

The Rockefeller Foundation has eliminated all natural treatments, destroying all correct knowledge about medicine and health. Official medicine is the brainchild of Rockefeller. It is not focused on healing a person, but on maximum income - profit from pharmaceuticals.

The media has become the media of disinformation. Once a person stops watching TV, the likelihood of his awakening increases dramatically.



Pandemic of fear



There is not any coronavirus pandemic in the world, there is only a pandemic of fear. There is no epidemic threshold for coronavirus. Coronavirus deaths are in line with seasonal influenza. In most cases, people die not because of the virus, but because of a worn-out heart, blood vessels and other associated diseases. The epidemiological threshold is usually considered to be a disease of 1-5% of the inhabitants of the territory.

It turns out that the emotional state of a person has a strong influence on his immunity. Affecting the human psyche, fear leads to an overstrain of the nervous system, as a result of which the body weakens - a person experiencing severe stress is at a significant risk of contracting an infection. But this is precisely the task that was set for the media - they deliberately whip up fear and sow panic, forming public opinion. We are constantly informed about the number of people infected with COVID-19, about the severity of their illness, we are shown a frightening image of a red balloon with suction cups. They operate very smartly.

But if the threat of an epidemic existed, then it would be fought with other methods. The vaccine is not the only remedy. First of all, they would attend to the treatment of a person. But this is not about our power. And certainly, they would not vaccinate the population during the epidemic. For this reason, the vaccine is called the weapon of a losing battle.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated in any laboratory in the world. This virus was simulated on a computer and does not exist in nature. This is a scientific fact. [3] [4]

It means that:

1. Vaccines against COVID-19 cannot be in principle - in hospitals, more than half of all patients are “vaccinated” people;

2. People get sick with influenza and SARS; the outbreak of the disease is a consequence of weakened immunity in people;

3. The use of PCR tests, forecasts and all statistics of COVID-19 is a scam. [5]

Coronavirus infection is one of the acute respiratory viral infections and people have been suffering from this infection for thousands of years, and only in 1965 it was first identified. Most of the sick people recover safely, because this is a seasonal cold. SARS only exacerbate the severity of the existing disease, so those who die after SARS die from specific chronic diseases.

The population of the USSR was never vaccinated against SARS or influenza (the goal was not even set to defeat seasonal outbreaks of SARS), but Soviet medicine was an order of magnitude better than the current one. There have never been epidemics from this infection, it accounted for 5-15% of all colds. And in general, there are no effective vaccinations against SARS and there is no herd immunity either - the virus mutates too quickly.

The heavily advertised “Sputnik V” is a genomic editing drug and DOES NOT WORK as a vaccine. Its effect on the human body has not been studied and the long-term side effects from its use are unknown to anyone. A person who receives “Sputnik V” becomes genetically modified.

A high probability of dying or getting serious complications from this “vaccine” in the first hours or days after the injection is for people with chronic diseases or weakened immune systems. It’s a death blow for them. Therefore, first of all, they seek to “vaccinate” the elderly, patients of nursing homes, hospices. With the beginning of “vaccination” mortality has increased greatly in almost all countries. [6]

In Russia, “vaccination” together with the reform of the Pension Fund has already mowed down a record number of pensioners. Statistics showed that there were 1.2 million fewer pension recipients in a year. After these data, Federal State Statistics Service (Russia) suspended public access to operational data on the number of pensioners in Russia. [7]

WHO has published statistics on mortality from diseases in the world. So, in the list of dangerous diseases, coronavirus infection occupies the seventeenth position, which means it does not pose a particular danger. Then the question arises: “Why all this hysteria?”

Critical thinkers understand that “vaccination”, “global pandemic”, tests and quarantine are world-class deceit and fraud. Why don’t the authorities take care of strengthening the natural immunity of citizens? After all, healthy people do not get sick, and if they get sick, they endure the disease easily. Or why not start fighting more dangerous diseases? The top three diseases include tuberculosis, hepatitis B and pneumonia. [8]



Bread instead of freedom



It must be understood that the task of the authorities is not to take care of people’s health, not to achieve victory over the virus, but to achieve victory over the rights and freedoms of people.

The process of bringing the population into submission consisted of three steps. The first step was to wear masks. Without a mask, people were fined and was not served in the store. People, realizing the absurdity of this requirement, nevertheless obeyed. The next step was to restrict free of movement. It was possible to get to work only with a pass, the rest of the employees worked remotely. At the same time, it was impossible to move further than 500 meters from the house. People were indignant, but again agreed to fulfill the next requirement, if only they were left behind. The third final step, for which it was all done, was “vaccination”.

Despite the unprecedented pressure from the authorities, each person makes his choice voluntarily, on the basis that a person is given free will from birth. Free will is a person’s ability to make choices regardless of circumstances.

First of all, each person who comes to the “vaccination” is given to sign a document in which he actually confirms that he voluntarily changes his rights and freedoms (for citizens of the Russian Federation these are Articles 19 and 21 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation) for an imaginary security and comfortable life. The whole point of this event is voluntariness, and a person officially confirms his choice with his signature. He makes his choice between fighting for his rights and between loyalty to the authorities, in other words, he makes a choice between justice and lawlessness, between good and evil. He decides his fate, fate of his children, of his country and of the world. In our time, the price of fighting for one's beliefs is the loss of comfort; in the worst case, a person’s way of life can significantly change. How else? Any choice has its consequences, otherwise it is no longer a choice. And in the future, when the “the power of darkenesse” comes, the right choice will cost a person’s lives.

The whole history of mankind is the history of the struggle for justice, for the acquisition of new freedoms. And in this case, passive resistance is enough - not to worship to the golden calf.

“Whoever trades freedom for a piece of bread will receive neither bread nor freedom” ©



“broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which goe in thereat”



Most people, turning their shoulders for an injection, console themselves with the fact that they are law-abiding citizens and have nothing to fear. When deciding on an injection, they rely on the authority of the doctor, on the care of the state. They cannot assume the fact that they are being manipulated. Other people experience fear because of the fear of being out of their comfort zone if they do not show loyalty to the authorities. Others need to pay off loans. Thousands of families were put on the hook - “preferential” mortgages. And now they fear losing their jobs more than they fear serious future health problems due to long-term side effects from the injection. They only think about their momentary survival. The vicious way of thinking of most people is due to the fact that they do not experience fear from the realization of the near future, which is shown to us in biblical prophecy. People around the world have lost the ability to think critically, their perception of reality is distorted, and they stubbornly refuse to wake up from the darkness. Once in an extreme situation, they are not able to make the right decision - without resisting, they voluntarily go to the slaughter. Only the strongest shock can wake these sleepers. This means that in the future the population of the earth will face even greater problems. They will increase until “that man of sinne”, “the sonne of perdition” (2Thess.2:3) comes into power. And then the prophecies of the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation will be fulfilled with the utmost accuracy. The choice that he will offer people to make will be the last test of humanity.



Forced medical experiments over humans is a violation of all rules of law



For people who give up their rights and freedoms (they sign a voluntary consent to a medical experiment), it will be easier in the future to make new restrictions on their rights and freedoms. Thus, a person agrees with the creation of a digital concentration camp - the government receives legitimacy, and hence the right to act without looking back.

Acting by deceit, authorities hope that the written consent of people to “vaccination” will allow them to evade responsibility for conducting medical experiments on people. As you know, there are no final data from clinical trials of “vaccines”. Not a single “vaccine” against coronavirus has passed full-fledged clinical trials. Typically, such studies last at least five years, which means that millions of “vaccinated” have become the actual test subjects. V. V. Putin said in plain text: “... further research of the drug in the course of its mass use.” [9]

The vaccine is currently being tested on teenagers.

During World War II, medical experiments were carried out on people in concentration camps in Nazi Germany. At the trial in Nuremberg, the Nazi doctors did not evade responsibility, although they tried to justify their experiments. They did not think of taking voluntary consent from people to participate in medical experiments.

And in our time, few doctors are guided by their conscience, most of them, even realizing the harm done, continue to “vaccinate” people. Already many people who could still live have died from the “vaccination”. Doctors Mengele found themselves “in the same trench” with the authorities. Now, only when the system of power is changed, all those involved will be called to account - such crimes have no statute of limitations.

In the Krasnodar Territory, doctors refused to provide medical care to people (dialysis). They were given a condition - first to make a “vaccination”. And so, a chronically ill family went for “vaccination”. In ten days, sixth-grader Arina Kolesnikova lost all her closest relatives, including her mother and father. [10]

Usually such incidents are hidden, but this information was made public only because there is competition between manufacturers of “vaccines”. As a “vaccine” they used not “Sputnik V”, but “EpiVacCorona”.

Voluntary-compulsory “vaccination” is the greatest crime. This is a violation of the principles formulated in the Nuremberg Code. This is a brazen and unceremonious violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. This genocide, if left unchecked, will continue until people are turned into uncomplaining, weak-willed creatures with no signs of human dignity. Each such creature will be vaccinated, sterilized, and accustomed to the tray in order to unquestioningly carry out the commands of the owner, otherwise there will be death.

The boa constrictor, when strangling the victim, pulls the rings together during the exhalation of the victim. The next breath the victim produces is no longer full, and the next one is even less. And so on until the breath stops completely. It was in the system of education of the Soviet Union that there was an attempt to form a human creator, now the state has a different task, people must have basic animal instincts and limited self-awareness. The dehumanization process is in full swing.



Epoch of Degeneration



If we look into history and compare the intensity of the struggle for freedom in past eras with our time, we will be very surprised. The medieval period was an era of fear, ignorance and stagnation. But since the Renaissance, the intensity of the struggle for freedom suddenly increased rapidly. During the entire period of New History (from the Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century), the population of Europe and America, shedding their blood, fought for independence. People were ready to die for freedom rather than live in captivity. In the 20th century there was a turning point in the minds of people. Man began to value his life highly, and the struggle for freedom began to give way to tyranny. In the 20th century, totalitarian Nazi regimes were born in Germany and Italy, and millions of people, remaining indifferent, refused to resist. In subsequent years, the process of human degradation has significantly worsened, we see the consequences - in Western countries, various forms of insanity have long been considered the norm. And now fascism has returned to our world in a more sophisticated version - medical experiments on people with the assignment of QR codes to them are now carried out on a global scale.

The population in Western countries is no longer able to give their lives for freedom, for their Homeland - this means complete degeneration. We see the reverse process - people's voluntary surrender of their rights and freedoms, which were won by their great-grandfathers in the course of the national liberation struggle against spiritual and material enslavement. Basically, it's a betrayal. And this process is irreversible. The epoch that has come is the Epoch of Degeneration.

Now all subsequent generations will grow up with a changed consciousness, and new restrictions on rights and freedoms will be introduced for them. Overton's technology is in action, and therefore in the new society there will no longer be either freedom or justice. The Bible will become a forbidden Book.

And when “the power of darkenesse” comes (2066-2069), the moral principles of man will be completely destroyed and obscurantism will become the state norm.

“To euery thing there is a season, and a time to euery purpose vnder the heauen” (Eccl.3:1)

“A time to get, and a time to lose: a time to keepe, and a time to cast away” (Eccl.3:6)



Russia under external control



Bill Gates, the world's richest man, eugenics dreamer, warns: “Normal live will not return until we vaccinate everyone to a greater extent. Each country must embrace out to its population, including those who will resist in the beginning.”

According to his plan, seven billion people (presumably they are all second- and third-class people) should be "vaccinated" using pandemic scare. There are no contraindications, and no consequences. Bill Gates is cunning - there will be no normal, old life with the old way of life. The globalists plan to impose coronavirus restrictions on people forever, turning them into digitized slaves. Their task is to create a huge digital concentration camp for the whole world, and the next step is to reduce the population of the Earth.

But in Russia, the authorities failed to convince (intimidate) people, and they overdid it so much with the “advertising of the vaccine” that it already frightens people. As a result, voluntary vaccination has completely failed and Russia is far from the “vaccination” rates in Western countries.

Now, using psychological terror, local authorities are threatening people who refused “vaccination” with dismissal from their jobs, which will deprive them of a legitimate source of livelihood. Unbearable living conditions are planned for them - without a digital ID, they will not be able to “buy or sell” (Rev.13:17). They will be denied access to any service. The authorities will not stop until they “vaccinate” everyone: children, sick people, the elderly, pregnant women and those who passively resist. This is a gross violation of our constitutional and human rights.

The main sponsor of the WHO says: “We will have to resort to all sorts of unusual measures before we anagen to vaccinate the whole world. Imagine seven billion people, it's not an easy task, but we have to achieve it.”

To those measures that we already know, more unusual measures will be added. WHO in 2019 compiled an annual list of threats to human health. So, a new item appeared on this list: “refusal of vaccinations”. Now people who refuse to get a “vaccine” for COVID-19 are declared a threat to humanity. This means that persecution, persecution and hunting for dissidents will begin in the future. And the Russian government is ready to make further crazy decisions, announcing the division of citizens into two categories: loyal to the authorities and criminals.

The World Health Organization, WHO, was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its task is not to cure people, but to take control of the health of the world and influence it through “vaccination” and other methods. The WHO was founded with Rockefeller money, and his closest friend G. B. Chisholm, who headed it, said the following:

“In order to come to a world government, it is necessary to expel from the minds of people their individuality, attachment to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogma... Destroying the concepts of truth and lies, which are the basis of raising a child, replacing faith in the experience of elders with rational thinking - these are belated goals... necessary for human behavior.” (G. B. Chisholm, President of the World Health Organization, 1948).

Yevgeny Fedorov, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from United Russia, compared people who refuse to be “vaccinated” with alarmists who were shouted on the spot during the war. [11]

But what would you do during the war with people who in our time are spreading false rumors about an epidemic, or, moreover, a pandemic? And at the same time, they strongly recommend that the population use, under the guise of a “vaccine” against a disease, a genetic weapon manufactured by the enemy. In the 18th century, the colonialists also recommended and distributed blankets infected with smallpox to the Indians. Only a traitor, whipping up panic, can urge people to entrust their health and life to the enemy.

By the way, the entire power of the Russian Federation voluntarily cooperates with the enemy, cooperates in his interests and to the detriment of his state. And all the laws adopted by it are anti-people.

“LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky announced the imminent tightening of legislation and the imposition of sanctions against Russians who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection.” In particular, they will be blamed for outbreaks of respiratory diseases, thus forcing them to submit to the authorities. Further, he confirms that “ALL Russians will have to be vaccinated sooner or later.” [12]

The head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare Anna Popova said that Russia needs 100% vaccination against coronavirus infection. She said: "Russia needs to become an advanced country in the fight against this disease." She does not even care that there is a group of people with contraindications for vaccination - the main thing is to report, curry favor and make a profit. Each injected person brings her income - Anna Popova is one of the authors of the patent for the drug from the Vector center - “For most people, war is grief and misery, but there're such people, who manage to flourish in the war too.” Since the mid-1990s, she has been working only in administrative positions. And then suddenly such success in scientific research!

Representative of President Peskov joined the appeal of the head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare. According to him, vaccines will be needed constantly and, most likely, for a long time. [13]

The beginning of mandatory vaccination in the Russian Federation is associated with a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden on June 16 in Geneva. Well, now it’s clear why Biden was asking for this meeting with Putin so much - total vaccination was the main topic of a face-to-face conversation. At this meeting, Joe Biden came to the full realization that he is the President of the United States. That's even how!

“Sitting opposite Putin, I felt that he understands who I am, and I understand who he is. He knows that when I say something, I can do it. For the first time, I felt like I was in an administration that is the leader of the free world,” Biden said. Biden admitted this at a public meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was a conversation between a boss and a subordinate. Biden persuaded Putin; although he was afraid, perhaps even crying, he nevertheless gave his consent, and the "coronavirus pandemic" project on the eve of June 22 at four in the morning began to be fully implemented in Russia. This began the next stage of the hybrid war against the people of Russia - direct enslavement.

Biden’s conversation with Putin reminded me of one fragment from the film: “The meeting place cannot be changed” (1979), in which Zheglov guessed a secret from the distant past of citizen Volokushina. [14]

Putin’s main concern today is his personal safety. For its sake, he demands to increase the pace of “vaccination” of the population, for its sake he is ready to make any concessions to the West. At the same time, he publicly abdicated responsibility for the forced “vaccination” and shifted the emerging problems to the regional authorities. The events of the last three years, starting in 2018, have revealed to us the true face of our “guarantor” of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

The Russian “elite”, which keeps money in the West, is also ready to fulfill any order of its curators. It is understandable, they are on watch in Russia, but they come here to earn money. In the West they have families, homes and recreation.

The “national leaders” of all countries are just media personalities - puppets obediently following the instructions of the owners of money, perhaps with the exception of the North Korean leader.

Everyone involved in the backup dance for the world government is involved in the most grandiose scam in the history of mankind, and sooner or later they will all be held accountable.



Open dictatorship of finance capital



Through the “vaccination” of the entire population of the earth, the world behind the scenes seeks to reprogram the human immune system in such a way as to make it irreversibly dependent on RNA injections, and thus put the entire population of the earth on a needle, but this will no longer be free, but for money. It is understandable, the main shareholders of the US Federal Reserve are not philanthropists. They are the masters of all the money, they are the world behind the scenes. But this is not enough for them, their desire to become masters of the world, to obtain complete and absolute power. Given that capitalism has reached a dead end and needs drastic changes, they are forced to act immediately. Their task is nothing less than to rob the whole world and make people slaves. The owners of money actually declared war on the entire population of the earth. With collaborators from all countries of the world, they are on one side of the barricades, and on the other side of it - the entire population of the earth. For them, even the population of the United States and Great Britain are strangers.

The condition for the functioning of a digital concentration camp is the universal labeling of all people in the world and strict digital control. This task is solved with the help of a “vaccine” with a digital trace - each tube with a “vaccine” is assigned an identification number, then this number is assigned to the vaccination certificate on the public services portal. Further, each “vaccinated” person, having a QR code, will have to install an application on his smartphone, through which timely use of the drug will be monitored.

The authorities of all countries, “showing servile obedience”, began to fulfill the criminal order of the world behind the scenes - to conduct genetic experiments on people. In Russia, some officials, accepting this as inevitable, have even expressed a desire “going on one step ahead and setting the agenda themselves.” They apparently consider themselves to be among the “elite”, and are trying to designate their place in it. [15]

For this reason, doctors are prohibited from giving medical exemptions to people with chronic diseases. Under various pretexts and at any cost, the authorities will bring the number of “vaccinated” to the final value, up to 100%. They are ready to “vaccinate” us to the last child. Their calculation is based on the animal fear of people to lose comfort.

Politicians, officials and VIPs, of course, are “vaccinated” with vaccine imitators. They are given an injection with a placebo effect (saline or vitamins). [16]

Samples of military equipment were presented at the Army-2021 forum. So, the export sector at this exhibition has grown significantly, and the sector where the equipment going to Russia was presented has sharply decreased. There is a pronounced export bias. This suggests that the government does not consider the possibility, probability and danger of an aggressor’s invasion of the country. So, it does not consider protection against such an invasion. And really, why? The authorities are not going to against the decision of the globalists. It is completely focused on their project and within its framework is completely subordinated to the decisions of the globalist masters. And how they decide - to be the Russian Federation or not - so it will be.

The Soviet film “Dead Season”, 1968, revealed the intentions of the “elite”, showed their global scale. The film predicted the emergence of the latest technology to create a “service man”. At present, gene editing technologies make it possible to breed submissive breeds of people - to turn a normal person into an inferior one, with a blissful smile on his face.

“Here is the solution to all your problems. No more rich or poor. There is only an elite living in the new Eden, thinkers, poets, scientists. You ask: “And who will work?” Correct question. Well done. Representatives of inferior races will work...” [17]

For the people behind the “pandemic”, the endless “vaccination” is a tool to control humanity. A hacked human immune system will open the door for any biotechnological experiments on his body. And if this genocide is not stopped, then the people who survived after the experiments will turn, as Dr. Richard Hass said, into representatives of inferior races. A person who has rebelled against the system, or a person who has become exhausted (a goner) in the new world order will easily turn off.

To create a new world order, the world behind the scenes must take the following steps:


1. Mark all people in the world using continuous numbering;

2. Destroy nation states by privatizing them;

3. Destroy small and medium businesses;

4. Destroy the economy by reducing consumption;

5. Deprive people of their rights and freedoms;

6. Change people's minds;

7. Introduce electronic non-cash money into circulation so that people's dependence on the system is complete;

8. Create a transgenic person by changing his genetic code;

9. Reduce the birth rate;

10. Reduce the world's population.


The name of the new digital concentration camp is inclusive capitalism. This world, according to their plan, should become a single corporation with single owners, in which there will be no homeless and poor, there will be no unemployment. Digitized slaves, deprived of the memory of their lives, will have the necessary income, minimal highly specialized knowledge and skills to perform the work. Eating cheap food, consisting of genetically modified products, they will work hard for their owners.

Scenarios of world events are voiced at the World Economic Forum (WEF), its founder is Klaus Schwab, one of the puppeteers of the planet. Klaus Schwab in his books openly informs us about the plans of the world behind the scenes. In 2016, he published the book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, which is called the “Guide” to the ongoing global economic changes. However, what kind of industrial revolution can there be in a slave-owning society?

Now the WEF has turned into a platform where the creation of a new world order is being discussed, and a new ideological doctrine is being developed. From January 25 to 29, 2021, a meeting of the World Economic Forum was held via videoconference. The main theme of the WEF-2021, in Davos, was the idea of “rebooting capitalism”. In Russia, Gref's Sberbank ecosystem has become the embryo of power that should replace the state.

In October 2019, the WEF worked out a scenario of a strike by a new strain of coronavirus to all of humanity. It is curious to note that selective mortality of the population was noted in this scenario. The virus attacked the elderly, people with chronic diseases and people with weakened immune systems. And in its virulence, it resembled the flu or SARS. In these exercises, they worked out the information suppression of skeptics in advance.

And indeed, two months after the exercises, this scenario became a reality of mankind with a slight amendment - not a virus, but a “vaccine” against it turned out to be a biological weapon of the enemy. To shame people with critical thinking, the term “covid dissidents” was immediately launched. So, the conspiracy theory moved into practice.

And now they have another “forecast” in line - on July 9 and 10, 2021, they rehearsed at the “Sber” cyber defense center to repel a global attack on the corporate ecosystem. This means that globalists will soon use another tool to destabilize the world - cyber-attacks to enhance the effect of the “pandemic”. Their goal is to plunge the entire population of the earth into controlled chaos. People, because of the alleged hacker attack, will “suffer from power failures, from failures in the provision of medical care, and criminal groups will operate with great scope and depth,” argues Klaus Schwab. I must add that people will also suffer due to the lack of heating, water, lack of Internet, traffic stops and empty shelves in stores. In this situation, evacuation of the population and emergency regimes are possible - the recommendations of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, for the evacuation regime, involve mass “vaccination” of citizens directly at temporary accommodation points.

Cyberattacks are yet another trick of theirs, pursuing the same goal - to deprive people of their rights and freedoms. The calculation is that people will eventually ask for any, at least some, order.

Globalists hope that the “national elites” under these conditions “will be replaced or will be forced to reformat for the sake of global cooperation and unification on the international platform.” [18]

It should be noted that we do not have national elites and there is no national state, otherwise the enemy would not even dare to think so.

So, we see that financial capital is imposing new rules of the game on the whole world. Such greed and thirst for power of financial capital is reminiscent of the tale of the fisherman and the fish. The old woman said to the old man: “I don’t want to be a free queen; I want to be the mistress of the sea …”.

The world behind the scenes, making sure that people, intimidated by informational terror, easily surrender their democratic gains, decided that their time had come, and power over the world was felling into their hands. Schwab, in his book “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, has already detailed how they are going to zero out all the rights and freedoms of people.

The main part of the population of developed countries has already refused to resist, meekly exchanging their freedoms for imaginary security, which was to be expected from them. For example, in Canada, 80% of the population, without any coercion, absolutely voluntarily, made the first shot of the “vaccine”, 60% have already given two shots of the “vaccine”. [19]

It is not surprising that during the panic of the beginning of the “pandemic” in 2020, while stocking food, they also bought all the toilet paper in stores. But the ideologists of fascism did not take into account that in Russia this number, at present, will not work. Russia is able to resist those who are behind this “pandemic”, and even lead the world national liberation movement. Russia is the last bastion in the world standing in the way of globalizers. This is explained by the fact that in Russia the Renaissance began late - at the beginning of the 18th century. It coincided with the beginning of the reforms of Peter I. The Renaissance ended in Russia in the 19th century. Consequently, the period of cultural development (approximately 400 years), which ended in the West, is still ongoing in Russia.

During the Great Patriotic War, our people broke the back of Hitler's fascism, but, unfortunately, the den of the Nazis survived, it ended up in a different place. The customer of the crimes did not suffer, but over the past years, on the contrary, he has grown significantly stronger and has now begun to implement a new plan - the enslavement of all mankind.



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Translated from the Russian by Konstantin Samsonov


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