Ночь прошла, а день приблизился: итак отвергнем дела тьмы и облечемся в оружия света (Рим.13:12)

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        All the works on this site are written with faith in the Word of God, with the faith that the Lord God keeps His Word

" The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever" (Ps.12:6,7).

Scripture has dual authorship. It is not difficult to understand the person who wrote the words in a book scroll, but not everyone can understand the prophetic meaning of these verses.The prophetic meaning of verses is usually hidden from the reader, and only a person who trusts the Word of God understands it. Once again - only a person who trusts in the Word of God is able to understand what the Author of the Scriptures himself says, and therefore, to understand the true meaning of the verses, that is for the sake of which the Bible was written.

There are thousands or tens of thousands of different denominations in the Christian world. Each of them considers himself to be true. There is no unity among them. It can not be achieved a priori. It is not possible to calculate all the diversity of Christian teachings at the present time. In fact, all these teachings turned into idle talk, or as the Scripture says: "fables". Teachers and preachers do not understand at what time period they live, "understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm" (1Tim.1:6,7).

These works show the prophetic meaning of the verses of Scripture, inaccessible to modern interpreters of the Bible. I hope that the reader will be able to see the difference between the Word of the Author of the Scriptures and the word of the person who wrote the verses .
Scripture shows our past history, speaks of present time, and allows us to see future events. Adherents of "the alternative history”, trusting the Word of God, will be able to get rid of their delusions. Truth-seekers and thirsty for truth will find answers to all their questions. And most importantly is what they will find the way which leads unto life.

"strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it" (Mat.7:14).




февраль 2024 года



Fiery serpent

Bible believer S.Y. Kharchenko


        According to the generally accepted interpretation, the brass serpent, which Moses lifted up in the desert, is a prototype of the crucified Jesus Christ. This is not true. One of the reasons for the misinterpretation is the synod translation, which, by distorting the Word of God, leads a person away from the truth. The LORD told Moses to make a FIERY serpent; this feature should already prompt a person to look at this prototype differently. The second reason is a misunderstanding of the prophetic meaning of the verses. To understand this question, it is necessary to consider the context of Scripture, to find out what time the Author of Scripture is talking about? Next, it is necessary to find in the Scriptures the prototypes that are relevant to this event. And only after that it will be possible to draw the right conclusion. I remind you that we are considering only the prophetic meaning of the verses.

According to another generally accepted interpretation, Jesus Christ will be in Jerusalem throughout the 1000 years of peace. This is also incorrect. People, not understanding the Word of God, do not know anything about the second Anointed One. But He is the One who will be King and Priest in Jerusalem in the future 1000 years of peace. As for Jesus Christ, having ascended to the third heaven, He will sit at the right hand of God (1 Pet. 3:22), "on þe right hand of the Maiestie on high" (Heb.1:3) (KJV1611).

We will investigate some of the types from the books of the Old Testament, and make sure of their prophetic meaning. By showing the sequence of future events, they complement them with details in their own way.



сентябрь 2021 года



Signet, and staff, and bracelets

Bible believer S.Y. Kharchenko


        In this work, significant events of the present time and the near future are considered. The fact is that in 2020 a special period of time has begun. It is the harvest accjrding to the Biblical concept. God begins to gather "wheat" into His garner.

We see that negative news about events in the world began to flow in a continuous stream: nature is raging, peoples are in despondency and bewilderment. The Sars-Cov-2-insanity that swept the whole world showed that the whole society is sick and the disease is progressing -- the media, reporting on new strains of coronavirus, stir up panic and fear, and local authorities threaten people who refuse to be "vaccinated" by creating unbearable conditions for their future life. Against the backdrop of this all-out information terror, the news of natural disasters happening around the world is no longer surprising in the headlines.

These circumstances, traumatizing a person, contribute to his spiritual awakening - he seeks to find the meaning of this suffering. People know that such methods of coercion, which have a worldwide character, are the prerogative of the beast (Rev.13:11-17). They, reasoning, come to the understanding that Bible prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled before their very eyes. And so, the whole society was suddenly divided into sleeping people and awakened people. The difference between the two is growing. This polarization of society is one of the hallmarks of the beginning of the harvest.

Many of the awakened, beginning to realize the essence of the events taking place in the world, are horrified by the feeling of approaching a more terrible time for all mankind - the power of darkness. They just can't come to terms and believe, that everything that happens around is reality. They still hope to wake up one day and forget it as a bad dream. And indeed, feelings and intuition about the terrible times ahead, do not deceive them. The time will come when the kingdom of the beast will devour the whole earth, trample and crush it. Preparations for this time have begun - the mystery of iniquity does already work. From now on, each subsequent "beast" of the new world power will be more insidious and bloodthirsty than the previous one (Dan.7:2-8).

Given the increasing rate of degradation of the world's population, a new period of time in the history of mankind can be called the Era of Degeneration. The signs of this era and its important events are shown in detail in Scripture. But will society be able to realize its fall?

We will look at the relationship of present events with the events that are shown in chapter 13 of the book of Revelation (verses 11-17).

In the 38th chapter of the book of Genesis, in a short episode from the life of Judas, we are shown the events of the near future. This is one of many types in which Scripture shows us the degree of idolatry in Christian society and the fierce rage of God for worshiping alien gods. We will see the bitter lot of Christians, separated from the Church of the firstborn, and the sacrificial ministry of the Evangelist, like a lamb brought to the slaughter.

We will consider the prophetic meaning of the verses, which is usually hidden from the reader. A person exploring the prophetic meaning of verses can be compared to a person who eats the fruits from the tree of life - he will certainly appreciate the magnificence of taste, admire their aroma and beauty, and experience delight.

First part

Second part



2021 год



The Song of Solomon

Bible believer S.Y. Kharchenko


        The order of the books of the King James Bible shows us the sequence of events past, present, and future. In the section of the Old Testament called Psalms, the book Song of Solomon is final, which means that its task is to show us the completion of the construction of the Temple not made by hands (John 2:19). The Song of Solomon, as a more sure word of prophecy, shows us a chronicle of the most important events related to this construction.

The number of chapters in each book of the Bible, like the order of the books itself, has a prophetic meaning. The Book "The Song of Solomon" is divided into eight chapters. Seven chapters are like seven thousand years, the eighth chapter is a type of eternity. We have a book that, having crossed the line of seven thousand years, shows us the beginning of eternity.

The Song of Solomon, like any other book of the Bible, has dual authorship. The Author of the Scriptures inspired Solomon as he wrote down his poems in a scroll. But he could not understand the prophetic meaning of the text he had written. The reader who understands only the literal text of the Bible reads this book through the eyes of Solomon, for him it is just a wedding song. The reader who is able to understand the prophetic meaning of the verses, perceives them as the Song of the Lord God about eternity and about love that never stops (1 Cor. 13: 8). That is why, this song is spoken  even about the saddest events with love.

All major types of Scripture have been collected (focused) by the Author in this book. Despite the small size of the chapters, the text is full of prototypes, and the pictures of the future are shown to us in their entirety. Even a short phrase, sometimes consisting of only two or three words, can show an important event or describe a phenomenon. Due to this feature, there is a difficulty in interpreting the book of the Song of Solomon. To understand the prophetic meaning of a chapter, verse, or phrase in this book, it is necessary to know many types of Scripture. However, this rule applies to all of Scripture.



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3



август 2020 года



A righteous branch

Bible believer S.Y. Kharchenko



       Each Bible verse has a prophetic meaning, and it does not depend on the time of writing the book, and the section in which it entered. So, 99.9% of all Bible prophecies are still awaiting fulfillment. They are a detailed description of the most important events that will take place in heaven and on earth during the harvest and on the DAY of Pentecost. This is a description of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and making of the New Testament, this is a description of the events of the future 1000 years of the peace and especially its last days. If a person does not understand “the wordes of the prophesie of this booke,” then he does not believe the Scriptures, does not believe the Author of the Scriptures, with all the ensuing consequences.


The people of Israel, having all the necessary prophecies about the birth of Jesus Christ, did not recognize Him. This is a prototype of the future time; history will repeat itself. The people of Israel will not recognize Christ who now comes from the tribe of Joseph.


Blessing his sons, Jacob foretold the fate of his descendants. With his words, the Scripture speaks of the fate of the twelve tribes of Israel during the harvest period of 49 years, during the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the next Millennium of peace. However, Jacob, unlike the rest of the predictions, actually blessed Joseph. And that was a special blessing. It exceeded the blessings of his ancestors to the utmost limit. Scripture prophetically says that Jesus Christ “preuailed aboue his brethren ... but the birthright” was transferred to another. Who is he?


“For Iudah preuailed aboue his brethren, and of him came the chiefe rulers, but the birthright was Iosephs” (1Chr.5:2).


According to the prophecies, a Shepherd should come from the tribe of Joseph to Israel, he is the Anointed of the God of Jacob. The Almighty will bless him with “blessings of heauen aboue, blessings of the deepe that lyeth vnder, blessings of the breasts and of the wombe.” (Gen.49:25). He is promised fruitfulness, victory and prosperity.


Scripture calls him: an Euangelist (2Tim.4:5) (KJV1611); messenger (Luke.7:27); a faithfull witnesse (Ps.89:37); the Apostle (Heb.3:1); Christ (Rev.11:15), Anoynted (Ps.2:2), (Ps.89); a Prophet vnto the nations (Jer.1:5) ; seruant (Is.42:1); the first borne (Ps.89:27), (1Chronicles.5:1,2); the Just one (Acts.7:52); righteous seruant (Is.53:11); the Sheapheard (Gen.49:22-26); a lambe (Is.53:7); the Prince (Ezek.44:2,3); the Prince of life (Acts.3:15); Prince Michael; the Holy one of Israel; “the man whose name is the Branch” (Zech.3,6); a righteous branch (Jer.23:5); The Lord Our Righteousnes (Jer.23:6).



First part

Second part



июнь 2019 года



An holy Temple in the Lord

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


        In this work, all the most important stages of the construction of the Temple not made with hands are shown in chronological order. It is “an holy Temple in the Lord” (Eph.2:21). And God began this construction before the creation of the Universe. The Universe, the Earth and the Sun are created for time and for a term, as something auxiliary. The dual nature of this world is not compatible with eternity …

In order to show the difference between the word of men (1Thess.2:13) and the word of the Author of the Scriptures, first we examine historical meaning of specific verses of the Bible, accessible to any person - “Who hath eares to heare, let him heare” (Mat.13: 9). After that, we examine the true meaning of these verses. The prophetic meaning of verses is usually hidden from the reader, and only a person who trusts the Word of God understands it.


Part 1

The history of “ancientry”

Part 2

“four men which have a vow on them”




Part 1

The history of “ancientry”

Chapter 1



        In the first two chapters of the first book of the Bible, God, as the Author of the Scriptures, reveals fundamental truths to us. In the prophetic meaning of verses, we are given answers to the most important questions of mankind: “What is the meaning of human life?”, “Why did God create Lucifer?”, “How people who lived before the incarnation of the Son of God and did not have the words of truth could please God and receive eternal safety in Christ?”, “What is God’s purpose in creating the world?” The first chapter of Genesis and the last chapter of the book of Revelation are the first and last chapters in the Bible, and therefore have their own peculiarity. They speak of the creations of God that are not related to our material world.



Chapter 2

Civilization of “Ancient Greece” and “Ancient Rome”


        Many people believe that the flood completely destroyed the first civilization, so much so that there are no traces left of it. But if this were so, then the level of European culture would forever remain at the level of the Middle Ages or, most likely, would fall even lower. And only thanks to keeping continuity with the past civilization, the transition from the darkness of the Middle Ages to the culture of the New Age became possible.

The culture of the past antediluvian civilization, on the eve of the catastrophe, reached the highest level of development. There was a legacy to us left: cities, palaces, cathedrals, buildings, monuments and works of art. This cultural heritage has provided invaluable assistance to our civilization it has healed a person from the fear and ignorance of the Middle Ages, and influenced his creative activity, awakening talents.

Official history claims that Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were the cradle of European civilization and culture. But this is not just a fallacy. This is a conscious distortion of historical events. There was no flowering of the culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

The reason for this ignorance is the neglect of the Word of God. Only the Word of God gives answers to all questions. But in the scientific community, it is not the Bible that is generally accepted, but the theory of evolution. This explains why we live in a world of total lies. Official history hides and, if possible, destroys everything that does not correspond to their doctrine.

Why is the official history of the founding of the city of St. Petersburg falsified? After all, the history of this city began much earlier, of that time, which official sources speak of. But historians are consciously blind. They have already made their choice in which the blessings of the world outweighed the voice of conscience, therefore they pretend that they see nothing. But what if, for example, we admit that the city was built before the flood? Then you will have to answer the question: “How did the culture of antediluvian civilization, in fact of the Stone Age, reach the highest level of development?” Of course, they have no answer to this question. To tell the truth means to lose ranks, an armchair, money, because all the heap of lies built by them over the centuries will collapse, and this is like death. To remain silent means to maintain their position in society.

The recognition of antediluvian civilization with a high level of cultural development contradicts the theory of evolution, which means that falsification of history will continue further.



Chapter 3

Babylon; a city and a tower


        The disciples asked Jesus, why did he speak in parables? “He answered, and said vnto them, Because it is giuen vnto you to know the mysteries of the kingdome of heauen, but to them it is not giuen” (Mat.13:11). People who love untruth are not given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven; lest at any time they, seeing the creations of God and hearing the Word of God, “should vnderstand with their heart” (Mat.13:15) and will continue to serve idols.

Using events related to the descendants of Noah, Scripture shows us the events of the past, present and future time. This chapter discusses the historical significance of Bible verses written by the prophet Moses and understood by every person. Further, the prophetic meaning of these verses is examined. It, as a rule, is hidden from the reader, and only a person who trusts the Word of God understands it.

Every discrepancies and contradictions in the Bible exist for people from whom the prophetic meaning of verses is hidden, for them there is only open text.




Part 2

“foure men which haue a vow on them”

Chapter 1

”This is a great mystery”


        Scripture calls the Church a wife, the bride of the Lamb, and compares it to the holy city of Jerusalem, prepared, and “as a bride adorned for her husband” (Rev.21:2). The Scripture also compares the Church of God with the construction of a building, which “fitly framed together, groweth vnto an holy Temple in the Lord” (Eph.2:21). In the Gospels there are also types of the holy Temple in the Lord.

Name the Lord Jesus Christ will be given to Christ and the Church. In this Greatness, “all the fulnesse of the Godhead” will dwell bodily (Col.2:9). Scripture shows us the Lord Jesus Christ in many types. In the description of the face and clothes of Jesus after His transfiguration on a high mountain, as well as in the appearance of a cloud that overshadowed His disciples, the Scripture shows us the holy Temple in the Lord: “And was transfigured before them, and his face did shine as the Sunne, and his raiment was white as the light” (Matt.17:2).



Chapter 2

A marriage in Cana of Galilee


        Speaking of the events that occurred during the marriage in Cana of Galilee (John 2), the Scriptures show us the most solemn moment at the marriage supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19:9). But why does the Scripture show us not the house of the feast, but its court?

At this hour, 70 weeks will be fulfilled, which were determined for the people of Israel. In an instant, their crime will be finished, there will be made an end their sins, and there will be made reconciliation for iniquity (Dan.9:24). Six stone vessels for water, intended for the ritual washing of hands and utensils (Matt.15:12), stood in the courtyard. And when the time came, Jesus said to the ministers: “Fill the water pots with water. And they filled them vp to the brimme” (John 2:7). Suddenly, in an instant there was a change in the contents of these vessels, and the vessels themselves, according to His word, changed their purpose. Their using was ritual, but it became honorable.

Scripture figuratively shows us the changes that will occur with the people of Israel with the beginning of the marriage supper of the Lamb.



Chapter 3

“hee that shall endure vnto the ende, the same shall be saued”


        Israel was an apostate from the very beginning. This story will be repeated in the future Millennium; the final period of time is no exception to the rule. The salt will lose “his sauour” (Luke 14:34) and the Lord will depart from Israel. At the end of the Millennium, they will be betrayed into the hands of the devil. The Lord will tell to satan: “Behold, hee is in thine hand, but saue his life” (Job 2:6).

In this chapter, new prototypes of these events will be considered.


июнь 2017 года



The way of the Lord

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko


On the last supper, Jesus indicated that He was the Lamb and His Blood would be shed for many people for the remission of sins (Matt.26:28). The words of Jesus to His disciples were prophetic, for He gave Himself to death. But Scripture would not be the Word of God, if the events that occurred during the supper, as described in the Gospels (Mat.26), (Mark.14), (Luke.22), (John 13), would not have a hidden prophetic value. The Passover Supper was held in the upper room, on the eve of the sorrow and suffering of Jesus Christ in the Gethsemane. But does this not indicate to us future events in heavenly room before the commencement of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the Church of the firstborn? If this is so, then there must be connected with ceremonial law, there must be connected with device of tabernacle, its ministry, dedication of Aaron and his sons to ministry. The Passover Supper in the heavenly room has to have its types in the books of the Old Testament. And in general, such an event has to pass with a red thread through whole Scripture.





Chapter 1

The feast of Unleauened bread


“Now þe feast of vnleuened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passeouer“ (Luke.22:1);

        The feast of unleavened bread, according to ceremonial law, was ever no Passover. Please note that the Jewish holiday was approaching, not the feast of the Lord. “And the Passeouer, a feast of the Iewes, was nigh” (John.6:4). This means that Jewish tradition prevailed over the law of Moses, and the feast of unleavened bread was called the Passover. But now we are not interested in the historical circumstances of that time, we are considering the prophetic significance of verses. Although it must be said that it is precisely human errors, misconception and traditions of the fathers that help the Scripture Author, through the written text, to convey the true meaning contained in the prophetic meaning of verses.



Chapter 2

The Lords Passeouer


        Scripture, telling us about the events that occurred on the eve and on the night the people of Israel left Egypt, points to a significant event in the past and many important events in the future. What prophetic meaning has the commandment of the Lord to anoint with blood on both the doorposts and the crossbar of the doors in the houses? What does it mean to eat the Passover? Why should the loins of people in houses be girded, and why is it impossible to go out the door of your house until morning? What does passing through the sea mean? What future events does Scripture point us through these types?

You will find answers to these questions in this chapter.



Chapter 3

Between “the Lords Passeouer” and “the feast of Unleauened bread”


        Between the events to which the Passover of God and the feast of unleavened bread indicate, there is a significant time interval, a little more than 2,000 prophetic years, counting from the 34-th years to the rapture of the Church of the firstborn. This period of 2000 years is actually hidden from the reader in Scripture, because with the death of Jesus a night came. Scripture figuratively calls our time a night, and the seven thousandth years is called a day.

Having noticed the “inconsistency” between ceremonial law and reality, far-reaching conclusions can be drawn. The presence of a “gap in time” means the absence of any epistles in the books of the New Testament to us who trust in Christ. While the doctrine for the future Millennium is set forth openly in the books of the New Testament. It is understandable that what is hidden in ceremonial law will be hidden in the books of the New Testament as well. Scripture is like a single organism.

In terms of ceremonial law, time has stopped with the death of Jesus Christ, and it will continue its reckoning only after the rapture of the Church of the firstborn. This proves once again that the commandments of the Lord's Supper, water baptism, spiritual gifts, tongues, laying on of hands, tithing, the Sabbath, preaching of the gospel are not related to us. The night came “when no man can worke” (John.9:4).

Now it’s clear why in the Christian world there are thousands or tens of thousands of different denominations. And each of them considers itself true. Among them there is no unity and cannot be.



Chapter 4

The prison, the judgment, and the pains of death


        The whole Christian world believes that the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, and His burial, and His resurrection in the year 34 give victory over death. But these are the beginnings of the way of the Lord. It is naive to think that victory can be obtained without a battle.

To think so is to absolutely not understand the way of the Lord. There is no victory without a battle. There is an important period of time, which, despite its significance in our justification, remains unnoticed in the community of Christians. In this regard, the future giving of Christ for our sins and His “resurrection” for our justification remains unnoticed (Rom.4:25). In the book of Daniel, this time is marked by the last 70th week (Dan. 9:27). This is the time when ALL AUTHORITY will be given to the devil and his angels for seven years.

In the four books of the Gospel, the Scripture shows us the FUTURE WAY of Jesus Christ, starting from the meal in the tabernacle of heaven and ending with His last breath “out of the belly of hell” (Jon.2:2). Because death with its bars should be to forever block Him ...

“Who in the dayes of his flesh, when hee WILL OFFER UP prayers and supplications, with strong crying and teares, vnto him that was able to saue him from death, and WILL BE HEARD in that he feared.”



Chapter 5

“this doe in remembrance of me”


        All Christian denominations unanimously claim that the Lord’s Supper, (breaking of bread, Communion, Eucharist, Mass) is remembrance of Christ’s sufferings, considering Calvary as apogee of His ministry. But, in this case, it turns out that the whole Christian world makes memories of what has not happened yet, proving that they do not understand this commandment. And how can they understand it if it is not for them?

It turns out that the suffering of Christ and His Church of the firstborn is yet to come! They did not start! And this means that the commandment “this doe in remembrance of me” refers to the future Millennium. It will be established by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself at the moment of the conclusion of the New Testament with Israel, when His ministry in the tabernacle of heaven will be in the past.

Not surprisingly, disputes and discussions around the Lord’s Supper have been going on for centuries.


Chapter 6

The house of the Rechabites


        Rechabites in the society of Israel lived according to their customs and traditions; thus, prophetically, the Scripture calls people called by Jesus Christ and living among the society of “Christians”, with its many denominations. Scripture shows us two groups of people who are faithful and unfaithful to their Father. People faithful to their Father fulfill His Word. Unbelievers do not listen to Him, ignore. The loyalty of the Rechabites to their father was tested in certain circumstances that prophetically point out to us a well-known rite in the Christian world.





        All “the called of Iesus Christ” (Rom.1:6) in our time have not received any laws or statutes from Him. They could not receive them. The only Law for called of Jesus Christ in our age is their conscience (Rom.2:14,15), (1Tim.1:19). And the only sure guide in life is the Word of God. However, God Himself gives a correct understanding of His Word, provided that a man strives to act according to his conscience, in truth.

The first verse of the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark announces the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mark.1:1). It will begin with the “voice of one crying in the wildernesse”.

“The beginning of the Gospel of Iesus Christ, the Sonne of God,

As it is written in the Prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee” (Mark.1:1,2)

The beginning of the sermon of the first witness of His resurrection will begin, as Scripture says, early the first day of the week. Scripture tells us about all the upcoming significant events in the following verses of the first chapter of the Gospel according to S. Mark.



февраль  2013 года



The burden of “Egypt”

Work by S.Y. Kharchenko



        It is generally accepted that Israel, the descendants of them who entered into the Covenant with the Lord in the Sinai wilderness is the chosen people of God, the blessed people. But how do we must understand this? After all, they have been scattered among the Nations of the earth; and there is no peace to them. They have already two thousand years been persecuted and their enemies predominated over them always. The book “The Lamentations of Jeremiah” says about this prolonged period of time prophetically. And that’s they began to gather in the land of Israel only the last century. And indeed, the awakening of the people, their return to their land and establishment of the Israeli’s state is a miracle. But how is it manifested in currently? The Lord is righteous. But, are they righteous? They rejected His statutes. They walk according to customs of other peoples; they have changed God’s “judgments into wickedness more than the nations”. Where are their high moral standards, the aspiration for truth and the fear of God? Also very difficult times will still be waiting the Israel’s state; it is surrounded by Arab states, in which Islamic fundamentalists may take authority in the nearest time. Israel is set aggressive and therefore it is on the verge of war with an entire Arab world. But nation which is chosen by God does not arrogant, but on the contrary, it is tolerant and gentle. Because it becomes the light of the world like “city that is set on an hill” (Matt. 5:14). The Chosen People is always discovered for all nations, and it is not undergoing such problems, because it performs the will of the LORD. What does this all of this mean? And the fact is that Israel’s people will be elected by the LORD God in the beginning of the Millennium. It will be chosen in the future. It really will be the light of the world, the salt of the earth. The Scripture says this “at sundry times and in divers manners”. And in currently we see that the prophecies are fulfilling. Israel is coming back to life, as the LORD promised: “After two days will he revive” them: “in the third day he will raise” up them (Hos. 6:2). But it had yet not happened; “the third day” did not appear yet.

Jerusalem still is not the capital of the world in currently. This is “foreign territory” still. The owner of this territory is the prince of this world, and he had not been cast from “high places” into “the bottomless pit” yet, because the Lord have not taken His “great power” and have not reigned, and Israel had not been cleansed yet. They do not aware their falling away from the Lord even in the smallest, in the most insignificant extent. The Lord says that they “hath wearied” themselves with lies (Ezek.24:12). But here’s there will be passed another sixty years, and the zero Meridian will pass through this City. And time and the coordinates will be counting according to “the city of the great King” (Ps.48:2). But it will be in the future. And now the power is given to the other Person, who is opposed to the Truth, and therefore “the times of this ignorance” are continuing, and it means that another nation and the other city serve as the “light of the world”. This city is a center of the world, a standard of freedom and democracy, an authoritative interpreter of international law.


Chapter 1

The “isles of Elishah” or foggy Albion


Chapter 2

The “divine” mission of the USA


Chapter 3

The “East Wind”

        At the end of forty years



Chapter 1

The “isles of Elishah” or foggy Albion

“Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee” (Ezek.28:15)

England “that covereth”



In the beginning of the XVII century “England was called by God”. The Lord gave wisdom to the English king and his people for writing and distribution of the whole Bible. The word of God compares the purpose of England in the seventeenth century with the purpose of one of the anointed cherub “that covereth” (Ezek.28:14). At first, he “wast perfect” in his ways “from the day that” he “wast created, till iniquity was found in” him (Ezek.28:15).

We will watch the perfection of ways of England “from the day” as it “wast created”; that is, from the day of accession of the king James I to the throne of England in 1603.



The first “factory of peace”



In 1612, in England it was laid a firm Foundation “that covereth” But soon, the Ministry of England passed in other quality. In 1694, for the first time in history the Private Share Premium Center was appeared. It is the Bank of England. It began to form a new model of development which is financial capitalism. It gave the beginning of the scientific-technical progress. Since then they count not only coordinates and time in London, but also level of democracy and freedom of speech does.



Chapter 2

The “divine” mission of the USA

“blue and purple from the isles of Elishah was that which covered thee” (Ezek. 27:7)

At “the entry of the sea”



New England was grown up from the English settlements on the coast of the Atlantic. In the XIX century the economic and financial center moved from UK to the USA. But in 1913, the new Private Emission Center (the FED) was formed on the territory of the United States.

England handed over the baton to the United States, having conceded it in the economic and technological development. England was economic superpower in the century before last. However, London is considered a “capital of the world” in currently; and the “voice of Great Britain” is still crucial. And there is a reason to this.



Worship us and you will receive the kingdom



The word of God compares England of the beginning of the XVII century with an anointed cherub. God created his as a Person, bearing the light, “O Lucifer, son of the morning!” (Is. 14:12), but he rebelled against Him and became Satan. The Anglo-Saxons acted similarly. They have become enemies of Him, having used their wisdom to acquire wealth by their “traffick” (Ezek.28:5). 

Knowing this “cherub”, as a person insidious, as the most skillful in his craft slanderer and a seducer, let’s draw a parallel with the modern Anglo-Saxon civilization; it clearly stands out on the background of a whole world. What immediately strikes eyes, so this is the English politics. It is the politics of double standards, the politics of “a stone in the bosom”. This politics is considered to be one of the most treacherous in the world. We see as they, protecting human rights in the world, sincerely are concerned about the needs of people, their happiness and prosperity. Propaganda has not got tired to repeat, that it is exactly they provide peace and prosperity in the world.

Idea of the Imperial mission of the United Kingdom is quite natural for the British, and it is confirmed by “science”.



They live by the sword and serve to God



The Lord God has allowed Great Britain, and then and the United States to multiply their “sanctuaries” “by the iniquity of” (Ezek.28:18) their “traffick” immensely, and this is for the sake of achievement of a certain purpose, which is the distribution the Bible on all earth. But He did not help them. No! He allowed to them it. The Lord shows great patience, but He does not participate. He has allowed Great Britain then and the United States to occupy the leading positions in the world. He has allowed them to look at the entire world as their potential colony.

But can a country, through honest and open policy, have leadership in the world? Here is the USSR tried to bring to the world a sense of justice, freedom from exploitation of man by man, but was defeated despite its size. There is a discipline, developed western specialists, which studies global processes without disclosing their causes. It is called geopolitics. So, its object of study is the confrontation between the Land and the Sea. The Sea represents the United States and Great Britain, and rest countries and the people belong to the Land. The purpose of Sea is obvious to split and weaken the Land, setting over it their influence. But on the map of the world there is one gigantic continent which does not allow them to do this in a global scale. This is Eurasia. To counterbalance action of the Sea its nucleus (heartland) all the time seeks to merge, just as the particles cutting of mercury are gathering in one whole.

The Anglo-Saxons, using their wisdom, their mind (Ezek.28:4) by fraud and deceit, as the pirates are conquering the world and thus perform a service to God unwillingly. But He cannot approve this, and this kind of behavior does not justify them.



“I am of perfect beauty”



Any man, trusting to the Scripture, can understand the language of the Bible, as distinct from the language of the specialized books. Even when the Scripture speaks about structure of the Universe, special education in order to understand it is not required. The truth is presented for any human by understandable language, irrespective of his nationality, cultural traditions and education.

Only one 27 Chapter of the book of Ezekiel, which is considered the most poetic in it, gives an understanding of the Foundation of the modern device of the world, the global financial system. In this Chapter Scripture calls us a place of its origin “from the isles of Elishah” (Ezek.27:7), shows its heyday, when the “builders have perfected” its beauty (Ezek.27:4), the period of multiplication of wealth through trade by the US dollars and, finally, “the day of” the ruin (Ezek.27:27), the collapse “in the midst of the sea” (Ezek.27:32). Figurative description of complex interrelationships allows us to explain the essence of the phenomenon simply and intelligibly, to look at it with the other side.



The prince of Tyrus



The USA is washed by three oceans: their “borders are in the midst of the seas”. Military operations took place on their territory the last time in the XIX century during the Civil War. Two world wars did not come up to the territory of the United States; the bombs “could not reach” to its shores. The U.S. economy not only has suffered, but, on the contrary, it has benefited from these wars. Every year the world is coming to the triumph of the new world order. We see the United States destroys the countries. Libya is defeated country; now there is chaos there; there’s a civil war; now it is the turn of Syria, and then on the list there are Iran, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and China. Here is only their plans is not destined to be fulfilled.

Not a secret, the Lord knows the thoughts of every person on earth; so, the Scripture gives us opportunity to learn the secret thoughts of “the prince of Tyrus”:

“I am a God, I sit in the seat of God, in the midst of the seas”.

What does tremendous wealth and absolute power one should have that such thoughts crossed to human? If, of course, this man is not a patient of mental hospital and he is in his right mind.



Sister cities: Brussels and Pibeseth



The ruins of Pibeseth are still to the North from Cairo. There was a main place of worshiping to BESETH, the goddess of love there. She was depicted as a woman with the head of a cat or a lioness. For more than a thousand years the Egyptians worshipped to a good goddess BESETH with the cat’s head and to her a cruel sister, with a lion’s head, the goddess of war. A few hundreds of men and women have made a ministry to her in the temple. This historical reference shows us a city that has such a “temple”, where, at the present time, hundreds of men and of women of the countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, gather for worshipping of their goddess. This city is Brussels; there is the headquarters of NATO there. The word of God determines an administrative capital of Europe as a main place of worshipping, comparing it with Pibeseth. Thus, a temple of a goddess of a war is the NATO office. The object of worshipping is a war. An unprecedented blossoming of cat’s cult was begun after the collapse of the USSR.



The great American god



In ancient Egypt, the city Aven (Iliopolis) was a main place of worshipping to god of the sun, RA. The ancient Greeks called this city Heliopolis; it means “city of the sun”, and Jeremiah called it Bethshemesh, the “house of the sun”. So here is the United States has such “cities of the sun” not one, not two, but 12! It is clear, because the country is great. The FED divides the United States in 12 districts, each of which has one regional Bank. The great American god is the spirit of greed and avarice. It like every idol should have its own special place for worshipping to it. So, the twelve regional banks of the FED, essentially, are their temples, in which they are committing religious services. Papers and paints turn into a symbol of deity which is a dollar. It’s really a holy place for any man, who is capable to compromise with one’s conscience, with its sacred objects; these are symbols of the deity for him.



Why did the “good” democracy win in the “bad” country?



If the United Kingdom was winning new and new countries, transforming them in the colony in the past, and English missionaries have evangelized them immediately, then now, the USA has taken its place, “there is no new thing under the sun” (Eccl.1:9). There was changed a form and names, but essence stayed the same. Now the United States “democratizes” new and new countries.

On March 11, 1931, in the USSR there had been prohibited printing and import of the Bible. This book was put on the same footing as the anti-Soviet literature, because it contradicted the ideas of Marxism-Leninism. They were forbidding of smuggling it on the border, as well as drugs and weapons. People were persecuted by the Soviet authorities for their faith in God. In that time there was dangerous occupation to have a Bible at home and participate in Christian meetings. You could get up to 10 years of a prison for dissemination of the Bible at that time. But the Lord God is doing everything necessary so His word came till people who seek for truth, who love truth and live by conscience.

It becomes clear why at the end of the XX century the strongest superpower, suddenly, surrendered to the mercy of the winner, and, in fact, has become a colony of the Anglo-Saxon civilization.



The spirit of foolishness



At the present time people, battling for “democratic” values are willing to spend their “last penny”, to deceive the whole world, for the sake of the extension of life for “the most reliable currency in the world”. They want to pull down the cultural and intellectual level all over the world, to plunge the entire world into anarchy and chaos to achieve their goals. They cleverly disguise malice as the good, even with the unprecedented hypocrisy and the actorish elements. It amazes! But now, when their work is performed rudely and clumsily, it is difficult to miss this. Deception and deceit of Anglo-Saxons was giving them the advantage in the world for a long time; it allowed them to beat all; but soon, the whole their artificiality and hypocrisy turn out for them with full insanity. God’s word says: “The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Noph are deceived”. Whether more it will be! For the Scripture says that they make mistakes “in every work thereof”.



Falling Down of the Great British Empire



In the consumer society a man lives in an illusory world, with a sense of constant care about it. But in fact such “care” masks the greed and avarice of a society. In such a society a person has no need in the spiritual and moral development, because consumer is a slave of System, in fact, and it manipulates with his consciousness, depriving of opportunities to observe, think and analyze reality. Such a society ignores spiritual values, encourages animal passions, unhealthy emotions and vices, because it is built on profit and greed. Intellectual values of their ideology are extreme individualism, parasitism, the worship to money, permissiveness, sexual immorality, ignorance, rudeness.

In the world there was saved the great citadel by the will of God; in the near future it will begin the direct confrontation to the Anglo-Saxon domination and will win in it. This last stronghold of all mankind is Russia. In contrast to the West civilization, Russian civilization was not built on authority of money. It was a society with reasonable restriction of consumption; the hundreds of the peoples lived peacefully in a huge country. Not for nothing, the Lord Himself has “made him fair” (Ezek.31:9) in due time. The gradual displacement of a center of political power beyond the bounds of the West system has already begun. This is happening first for the last 400 years.

The Scripture gives us opportunity to see depth of degradation of a modern man on the example of the history of Israel’s people. But the period of time, which is similar to currently, had already been in history.



Chapter 3

The “East Wind”

“Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters: the east wind hath broken thee in the midst of the seas” (Ezek.27:26)

Russia is concentrating



In 1991, as a result of the military-political betrayal, the USSR was artificially dissected into the 15 separate States. The winner formed his power apparatus, removed from the territory of the Russian Federation strategic resources and brought forth out the industrial objects from the national property of Russia. The country lost its sovereignty after a forty-year war with the United States and now it pays a tribute to the budget of the United States. But it, still, has a vast territory and the rich natural resources; we have a huge economic and military potential.  Russia is not up to the end defeated enemy for them, and therefore, it is unacceptable in terms of risks. What is to be done? Nobody has managed to absorb Russia. Their task, as even before, is its separating. They will not allow continuing the existence of Russia in its present borders.

Realizing inevitability of solution of the problem by military way, the government of Russia plans to spend 23 trillion roubles for the re-equipment of the Russian Armed Forces till the end 2020. Our country is preparing to a war on the sly.



The battle in “Carchemish”



How will there be begun, and what will be the outcome of the open confrontation between Russia and the United States? Talking about the fate of Israel, Scripture says about the fate of the Gentiles too. Talking about rivalry between the Babylonians and the Egyptians, Scripture speaks us, prophetically, about future events, the witnesses of which will soon become many people. The Scripture tells us about

“…Egypt, against the army of Pharaoh* Necho king of Egypt, which was by the river Euphrates in Carchemish, which Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon smote”* (Jer.46:2).

One of the most significant battles of that era is a battle in Carchemish. And the Egyptian troops suffered a crushing defeat in the decisive battle, and Babylon became the biggest superpower in this region. How can we understand this prophetically? The Scripture gives us possibility to “see” the decisive battle between the new-born Union and the United States. For the first time, our soldiers will fight with the mercenaries of the US army in the open fight.



A “company of many people”



After the win “in Carchemish” there will be a radical change of national-liberation movement in the world. A new pole of force will appear in the world; it will instantly attract to itself many countries. The Nations cannot be able to endure such an attitude to them on the part of the United States. Therefore, “a company of many people”, who constitute the majority of the world’s population will decide to destroy the United States economically. There will be decided to destroy the country, to make it capitulate before the world community; in other words, to throw network on “a whale”, to pull out and throw it “upon the open field”.



The heart of “Egypt” shall melt



Please note, the two of the men Isaiah and Ezekiel, living in different time, wrote about our time. Speaking more precisely, the Lord Himself has written story of our time, using for this purpose different men. They have written their books, not knowing depth of prophecy contained in them.

“And the waters shall fail from the sea, and the river shall be wasted and dried up” (Is.19:5).

Main “product” of the United States will lose demand, and then there will be a collapse of the entire economic system built on the United States dollar: “the river shall be wasted and dried up”. In the country there will be a complete economic collapse. The country will be embraced with a civil war. It will be divided into enclaves.

The Lord Himself “will break his arms, the strong, and that which was broken” (Ezek.30:22). The country will be deprived of nuclear weapons and lose strength “to hold the sword”. But they will not surrender. But, death of this dragon is into “a needle”. A “needle” is a secret joint-stock company. They are banking elite, the owners of the FED; they are the true Masters of the United States and of the whole West civilization. They will never part with their power and with stolen wealth, until they still are alive. It will outweigh lives of hundreds millions people.

It is in the USSR state property was common property of the peoples; the people have other priorities; so after contribution (privatization was as a form of contribution) and annexation we somehow survived. And in general, we were being deceived so cleverly that many people in the country still did not realize it.



“Howl ye, Woe worth the day!”



At the beginning of the thirties the Armed Forces of Russia will have up-to-date weapons, which at that time will be only in Russia. The Lord Himself will give this unique sword into the hand of the king of Babylon. Having received strategic domination, Russia will use it.

“and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he shall stretch it out upon the land of Egypt” (Ezek.30:25).

 The US and Great Britain will pay by their existence for crimes against humanity, deceit and deception and the robbery of the whole world.

“And the sword shall come upon Egypt, and great pain shall be in Ethiopia, when the slain shall fall in Egypt, and they shall take away her multitude, and her foundations shall be broken down” (Ezek.30:4).



The great stones in the clay in the brickkiln



The time will come and Russia will “show accounts to pay”. The gold reserve, as the trash container, where its contents is destroyed periodically, we have considered. But we can consider these reserves yet as a piggy Bank, because it is impossible to get some part of the money from it. Well, if you try to take everything and at once?  Is there such bonus accordance to terms of game? Of course, but there is one condition - to take all the contents of the “box” at once only winner can, in whose hand the Lord Himself  will put the sword. Here is it should be crushed.

All work which is produced against the “Tyrus” will be so costly and difficult, that this whole trophy accordance to “the law of war” will be as the reward for army of the king of Babylon. The Scripture says that the “king of Babylon caused his army to serve a great service against Tyrus”.




The historical mission of Russia



Why does the Bible speak about currently so in detail? Why is the history of the dark ages not presented so exactly as well? And the fact is, we are on the verge of changing epochs; this contrast can be likened to replacement of a long cold night on the warm Sunny day. The Bible compares the past two thousand years with very long and cold night.

So, what will the future device of the world be? The Scripture shows us one country’s leadership in the world. It will become an example for “many nations and great kings” (Jer.27:7) accordance to the peaceful coexistence of the Nations in one State. It is not surprising that it is Russia will head the movement of building a fair society. The Scripture says that all ideas concerning the construction of such a society in the world will be coming “from the east” (Gen.11:2). In fact, there will be a task of building the Kingdom of God on earth, but here’s just people will build it without the participation of God Himself. And people will persistently continue this construction until the Lord comes down “to see the city and the tower” (Gen.11:5).

Of course, building a fair society without God Himself is utopia. Ultimately, the people will have new slavery, based on ideological and religious principles. There will be the total control of human consciousness. And it will be started with harmless and, it seems, the right things: in the basic law there will be introduced the concept of higher values and responsibility for their implementation. Intentions will be good, but the consequences will be horrible. Perhaps this period of time will be lost for the world in vain? On the contrary, during this period of time people will be able to endure their decision to live according to their consciences. Having realizing their iniquity they will turn from their evil way, so that the Lord God will be able to regret “great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle” (Jonah.4:11). The repentance of the people of Nineveh is a type of the repentance of the whole world, before the Lord will come down “to see the city and the tower”.

“And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not” (Jonah.3:10).



At the end of forty years



All power of Anglo-Saxon civilization will be destroyed in the fire of the World War III. Many people on the territory of the United States shall perish, and the survivors will be scattered among the Nations:

“And I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and disperse them among the countries; and they shall know that I am the LORD” (Ezek.30:26).

The whole territory of the United States and of adjacent land will turn into a radioactive desert after a nuclear attack. And how much time should one pass while once contaminated area of the USA will be purified by the recovery of nature and turn into a suitable environment for living of people? One hundred, two hundred, three hundred years? No. Only forty years! The desolate cities “shall be desolate forty years” (Ezek.29:12).

The Lord God says:

“At the end of forty years will I gather the Egyptians from the people whither they were scattered: And I will bring again the captivity of Egypt, and will cause them to return into the land of Pathros, into the land of their habitation; and they shall be there a base kingdom. It shall be the basest of the kingdoms; neither shall it exalt itself any more above the nations: for I will diminish them, that they shall no more rule over the nations” (Ezek.29:13-15).






What does Scripture say about the King James Bible?

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